Product For Import and Export

Electrical machinery, equipment and components 
Machinery and mechanical appliances
Consumer Electronic goods
Marine products
Hardware, Ceramics
Mobile accessories
Meat, Fish, agricultural products, rice, pulses, nuts
Leather products
Medical equipment and accessories
Kitchen equipment, Hotel Industries products
Ready made garment, textiles
Paper, Tissue, stationery products
Biotechnology research machines, medical equipment, gloves and accessories
Foot wear, sandals & Shoes
Fishing equipment, hooks, nets etc.
Spare parts
Optical frame, Packing materials for Jewellary cover, promotion materials,
Wood, plywood, teakwood
Paint additives
Sanitary napkins, paper tissue, foil papers
Hearing equipment and accessories
Solar panel
Belt buckles, umbrella panels
Home products, machinery parts
Gift and premiums
Christmas and Diwali decrative products and lights